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My Books

Love, Youth & Family

Insight Books, Pauline Sisters Bombay Society, 143 Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai 400 050
Pages: 176

T 80.00

LOVE is a Challenge!

Gujarat sahitya prakash, Anand
Pages: 144

T 80.00

How to Make LIFE Worth Living

Insight Books, Pauline Sisters Bombay Society, 143 Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai 400 050
Pages: 166

T 80.00

What Does Jesus Mean to You & Me?

Catholic Information Service Society, Ahmedabad
Pages: 48

T 25.00

About Me

Fr Varghese Paul Chollamadam is a 73 year old Jesuit Priest of the Gujarat Province of the Society of Jesus (SJ). He is a well known writer with 44 books in Gujarati, 4 in English, 3 in Malayalam and 1 in Hindi.

He has studied journalism in London School of Journalism, London and has also done three months’ internship in the editorial department of St Anthony Messenger, Cincinnati, USA. He has been the Editor of a Gujarati Catholic family magazine, “DOOT” for 16 years, the longest period for any editor of the 105 year-old magazine.

From 1984 he has been the Founder Director of Catholic Information Service Society (CISS), a public relation office of Ahmedabad Diocese.CISS engages among other things in spreading the message of Jesus and the Bible through different, graded correspondence courses on Jesus and the Bible.

Fr. Varghese has been a Council Member of the International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP) for 24 years and has travelled to 37 countries for his studies or attending international meetings and World Congresses of UCIP and its successor International Christian Organization of the Media (ICOM).

Reading, writing and travelling are his hobbies

What Others Say

When Varghese Paul Chollamdam boarded a train to Gujarat in 1963 leaving behind his verdant homestead in Muvattapuzha, Kerala, he had hardly imagined that he would one day be an accomplished journalist and writer in the mother tongue of Mahatma Gandhi. But by joining the Jesuit Order which was reputed for its intellectual rigour and discipline, he was initiated into a life of serious study and reflection. Indeed it was a potential step towards a mission dedicated to the service of letters and words.

Joe Palathunkal
Joe Palathunkal

“How to Make LIFE Worth Living” by Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ, Insight Books, Pauline Publications, 143, Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai, 2009, pp.168, price Rs.80/-

In September 2009, Arvind Pathak and wife Mamta decided death was the only solution to their growing financial difficulties. The 38-year-old MBA poisoned his 11-year-old daughter, then his wife. He consumed the poison himself and raced out of his house, screaming about what he had just done. Pathak is one in a growing list of couples who conclude that life can never solve their myriad problems.

Joe Palathunkal
Joe Palathunkal

Latest Article In English


Journalism in India today is a great challenge because the socio-religious and political ambience in the country is worse than ever. Mob lynching has been wide spread in India since 2014. Organized mob target someone mostly Muslims and kill him in public view spreading terror among the minorities and Dalit people who are outside the caste categ...

Latest Article In Gujarati

સૌને માટે એક અનુકરણીય દાખલો

પોપ તરીકે ત્યાગપત્ર આપીને પોપ બેનેડિક્ટ સોળમાએ ઇતિહાસ સર્જ્યો છે. કારણ, એમનાં પહેલાં ૧૪૧૫માં નિવૃત્તિ લેનાર પોપ ગ્રેગોરી બારમા છેલ્લા પોપ હતા. પોપ બેનેડિક્ટ સોળમા વિશે કંઇક લખવાનો વિચાર કરું છું ત્યારે મને લાઓ ત્ઝુનું એક અવતરણ યાદ આવે છે. “બીજાને જાણવામાં બુદ્ધિ છે. પોતાને જાણવામાં ખ...