Our Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi celebrated the first anniversary of his winning the 2014 election with the Indian citizens at Shanghai, China on May 16, 2015. I heard Modi’s speech on the occasion through a television channel. In his speech more than once Modi said, “The idea and attitude of Universal Brotherhood is a unique contribution of India to the whole world.”

The universal brotherhood is a noble idea, a blessed attitude. The idea is that the whole world is one family. It means that, without discrimination or destinction of caste, creed and race, every human being is my brother or my sister. This attitude helps us to live in peace, harmony, cooperation and mutual respect and support. With this idea of universal brotherhood Modi also said that today tourism especially international travelling is popular. So every Indian citizen should invite and bring five Chinese men or women to visit India.

I believe that Indian citizens going abroad for one thing or other do keep the attitude of universal brotherhood. Living among foreign people and dealing with them the Indians abroad wish that foreign people deal with them with this attitude of universal brotherhood. But I feel that this idea and attitude of universal brotherhood is needed more among the people in India more than the Indians abroad. It is especially needed among the people of Sangh Parivar who have elected Modi with a great majority first time in last 30 years.

Unfortunately some ministers of Modi government and even the parliamentarians who helped Modi to win the election are showing a totally different attitude from the universal brotherhood. They speak a totally different tone. Now the non-Sangh Parivar people are fed up with their unscientific and immoral talks. For instance, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) parliamentarian Sakshi Maharaj said according to newspaper reports that, the earthquake in Nepal happened on account of the pilgrimage of Kedarnath by the meat-eating Rahul Gandhi! Sakshi Maharaj has become notorious early by asking each Hindu woman to produce 10 children and praising the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi.

Modi may well speak about universal brotherhood in foreign countries; but he will not dare to speak about universal brotherhood in his own country. For his attitude and the attitude of his government are totally different from the attitude called for universal brotherhood. They say, action speaks louder than words. The action of Modi and of his government is very different from that of universal brotherhood. For instance, take the Modi government action against non-government organizations and welfare associations doing eminent social services to the poor and needy people.

I believe that most of the NGOs and social activists are doing selfless service to the needy people. Their services cover such areas like education to the poor children, welfare services to the poor and needy people, looking after disabled children and older helpless people, helping people to be self-sufficient, empowering youth to be self employed, medical help to needy people. Providing basic necessities like these among these the NGOs, there may be by way exception a few self serving people.

But if any NGO misuses it’s fund instead of serving the avowed purpose, then they can be taken to task through existing laws and regulations. If any NGO is diverting found away from the goals and aims of the organization then they should be punished severely according to the laws of the country. But the government’s steps against Priya Pillai of Green Peace and Teesta Setalvad, the fighter for civil rights and social justice and peace, are obviously prompted by animosity and vengeance. It is witch-hunting under the cover of law. Those who accuse people misusing foreign funds should know well that the funding agencies abroad make 100% sure that the fund provided by them are used exclusively for the purpose for which they are given.

Keeping track of PM Modi’s speeches and concrete, actions I feel that Modi’s call to people to have the attitude of universal brotherhood is meant for the Indian citizens abroad and for the people in foreign countries. Neither in action nor in words PM Modi does not call the citizens in India to live the idea and the attitude of universal brotherhood. The actions and speeches of the leaders of Sangh Parivar are totally against the idea and attitude of universal brotherhood.

PM Modi himself has not given in practice the idea and attitude of universal brotherhood to the Indians. Hence, in spite of the clarion call “with everyone and for the progress of everyone” the poor and the Dalits and the tribals are remaining where they were! For they are still socially boycotted. Health services and primary education have not reached them! Then the persecution of Dalits, Muslims and Christians are going on unabated under the nose of Modi. These happenings proclaim from rooftops the attitude of Sangh Parivar and Modi government are against universal brotherhood in India.

A concrete example is reported today (18 May 2015) by UCAN agency. A convent of nuns and three Churches have been attacked in Madhya Pradesh under the Sangh Parivar government; and as usual the Sangh Parivar have accused the Christians there about attacking the Sangh Parivar people!

With everyone and for the progress of everyone (With all & for the development of all) and the universal brotherhood – these are catchy and inspirational sayings. But concrete steps are needed to fellow these ideas and attitudes. Without any discrimination of race, caste and creed concrete steps are needed to promote the ideas and attitude of “With all and for the development of all” and the universal brotherhood. When these high ideals are proclaimed from the podiums abroad, the actions and speeches of the concerned people in the country are total against! So people see the hollowness of the proclaimed high ideals and noble attitude. They recognize and see through the pretensions.


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