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Islam – A Religion of Peace

Some times back under the title ‘The Missing Muslims’, a national English daily brought out a well known fact. The Ahmedabad edition of The Indian Express published a series of front-page reports about the Muslims in India. The investigative reports proclaimed that the Muslims in India especially in Gujarat are widely discriminated. According to 2001 […]


LET GO ANGER AND ENEMITY Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ “What are you two talking so loudly in the early morning? I thought that Father is giving you a sermon! But Sir, I see that you are talking loudly and Father is only listening to you. Sir, What is the mater?” We – four friends from […]

Timeless Lumbini Buddha’s Birthplace

TIMELESS LUMBINI BUDDHA’S BIRTHPLACE Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J. Now and then undreamed surprises happen in our lives. My visit to timeless Lumbini was such an unimagined surprise for me. I was in Kathmandu for an international refresher programme organized by the International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP) under the auspices of Internation Institute of […]

How do we celebrate Christmas?

As Christmas approaches many people may ask a question to themselves: How do we celebrate Christmas? The people of other faiths may ask, how do the Christians celebrate Christmas? The Christian parents may ask the question, what shall we do to celebrate Christmas with our kids? As we look for answers to these questions we […]

Nepal Exposed

NEPAL EXPOSED Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J. “In the midst of recurrent strikes, shutdowns, sit-ins and blockades, stopping traffic during rush hour has almost become a Nepali idiosyncrasy”. This opening sentence of the editorial of “THE KATHMANDU POST’ dated November 21, 2007 portrays the current situation of not only of the capital city Kathmandu but also […]

A Life Worth Living

A LIFE WORTH LIVING Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ “To get such a beautiful death and solemn burial like that of your grand father, you need to lead a life like the one of your grand father”, said my brother Vincent to his teen-aged son Sanu. My mother and all her nine sons and daughters have […]

Who is the number one enemy of women?

WHO IS THE NUMBER ONE ENEMY OF WOMEN? Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ I have no doubt about who is the number one enemy of women. I have known it form my childhood. I remember an incident when I must have been just eight years old. Then about one thousand meters away from my grandfather’s house, […]

Home, An Abode of Peace

HOME, AN ABODE OF PEACE Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ Some times back a young mother came to meet me. She complaint that her husband is harassing her and there is no eace in her home. There is no peace of mind. The atmosphere at home is so tense that its effects are felt even at […]

Inter-Religious Chaplaincy

My friend, Mr. Prakash Mody from Toronto, Canada recently sent me an e-mail letter with many questions about hospital chaplaincy. He requested me to give him a detailed answer to all his queries. “We are working on a project for ‘diversity in chaplaincy’… I am required to provide some information about chaplaincy in general and […]

With Relatives and Friends

WITH RELATIVES AND FRIENDS Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ I was going first time to Philadelphia. But I was not worried in any way as my niece Shiji and her husband and my friend Selvan had phoned me at Los Angeles on the previous day that they would be at the airport to receive me. At […]