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Recently I read some issues of a social monthly magazine “Catholic Samachar” and my controversial interview in one issue. Now when I am asked to write a short piece for a forthcoming issue I am reminded two couplets from a famous Gujarati poet Adil Mansoori. Here I give my English translation of the two Gujarati […]


Sex education for children is much discussed topics among parents and educators. When I think of the subject I am reminded of two questions which some people of good will have asked me. First, “Fr. Varghese, you are a Catholic Priest and a bachelor. What do you know about sex?” Second, “What experience you have […]

Abolish Capital Punishment

I still feel happy about a news item which I read in a number of English and Gujarati newspapers in 2007. I am happy to remember the news item that 130 countries have abolished capital punishment from the whole world. With this good news there is also a stark reality that in many countries including […]

Cultured & Acceptable Behaviour

“What do you think of the Hindu caste system in India?” a foreign journalist asked me in an interview during the World Congress of the International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP) at Sherbrooke, Canada. “The caste system in India is an iron chain which ties down India against development and progress,” I said as […]


WHO DARES TO SPEAK ABOUT SIN? Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ A well known socio-religious thinker and author,Swami Sachidanand once complained to my friend Fr. Xavier, the Principal of St. Mary’s School, Petlad. He said that it does not seen right and proper to him that Christian priests emphasis too much on sin. I agree hundred […]

A Stress free Life

Life is certainly stressful in our globalized world of internet and instant communication. Depression, tension and other stress related sicknesses have become part and parcel of our lives. For, we dream about having more and more money and wealth and go after them. Amidst this rat race for having more, we also yearn for peace […]


‘JAI ADIVASI’ – SLOGAN OF TRIBAL DIGNITY Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ “ ‘Jai Adivasi’ – who has put up this slogan here?” A minister of Gujarat government shouted in anger. “You are dividing the people”, the Minister accused the concerned persons and left Gurjarvani, an NGO institution in anger! Obviously the minister was disgusted by […]

The Dalit Empowerment in Nepal

The Dalit Empowerment in Nepal Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ My visit to two dalit institutions during my recent trip to Nepal has been etched in my memory. I had gone to Kathmandu in November 2007 to attend an International Refresher Programme organized by the International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP). During the week-long programme […]