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The Curse of Hunger and Malnutrition

The Curse of Hunger and Malnutrition Fr Varghese Paul, S.J. Though more than half a century has passed since India got independence the starvation deaths and wide-spread malnutrition are sad realities even today! Recently daily newspapers and the audio-visual media have highlighted the death of 11 children due to malnutrition and hunger in the Dongriguda […]

The Teachers are the Key to Education

The Teachers are the Key to Education Fr Varghese Paul, S.J. Recently on the occassion of India’s 58th Independence Day a fortnightly from Chennai, THE NEW LEADER, published a cover story on ‘Suggestions to Manmohan Singh’. The New Leader asked some eminent persons of different walks of life for ‘Ten Suggestions to the Prime Minister.’ […]

Ode to an Old Friend

At 89 he is hardly able to move around freely and yet his spirit soars high. His adventurous spirit takes him to Mount Abu. His love of people and nature burst forth in poetry. He is Bother Amaro Mattos of the Society of Jesus in Gujarat. I had the privilege of knowing him from the […]

Enjoy old Age

“Fr. Varghese, when are you retiring?” a friend, who came to greet me on my birthday on May 31st, asked.“Instead of coming to Gujarat if I had remained in Kerala and if I had selected teaching profession like my brother and my eldest sister,my uncle and my aunt, then I would have been celebrating today […]