LOVE is a Challenge!

I believe that the greatest challenge of a person is the challenge to love. We all have experienced love. We have felt and enjoyed the love of our parents, our brothers and sisters, our relatives and friends, our acquaintances and well wishers. On our part we have also loved and cared for them with all our hearts.

And yet some times we wonder what love is? Why is our greatest challenge to love? British poet John Keats once wrote that, “Love is my religion – I could die for that”. Keats identifies love with religion but he does not define love. We cannot define love as we cannot define, say for example, the smell of a rose or draw the picture of a perfume.

This book, Love is Challenge! does not present a treatise on challenges to love. But the book takes up issues of interest to our times and treats them from the perspective of love. The book revolves, so to say, on the axle of love.

The book covers a wide range of topics from circle of love to keeping anger under control, from euthanasia to a life worth living, from Mother Teresa to Sr. St. Alphonsa, from harvesting local terrorism to Islam a religion of peace, and from Diwali to Good Friday. In all these inspirational essays a perceptive reader may discover and even experience the challenges to love, which might help her/him to live life to the full.

How to Make LIFE Worth Living

Greek historian Plutarch (AD 46-120) tells us the story of a ‘clever’ fellow. The fellow believed that a dead body could stand erect if it was poised at a proper angle. The fellow then took a dead body and tried his best to make it stand. But all his efforts failed. Then, accepting defeat the clever fellow said, “Something has disappeared from the inside of this so that it cannot stand.”
We may laugh at the words of the clever fellow. But there is something in the story for us to reflect on. What is that something, which has disappeared from the inside of the dead man? What is that something inside of us, which helps us to stand erect and hold our heads high? I believe that it is our ethical, moral and religious values that make us stand erect amidst trials and difficulties. For, as Shakespeare says, “The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.” Our values help us stand firm in spite of the mingled yarn of problems and conflicts in our daily living.
In this book, How to Make Life Worth Living, the author has out together 25 essays around the theme of values graced by love. As love is all-embracing and values are many, these essays deal with a variety of topics. But they are all anchored on love and values, which make life worth living.

Love, Youth & Family

“LOVE, YOUTH & FAMILY” is the first book of Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J. in English. He has authored 28 books in Gujarati. The book is published by the Pauline Publications of Daughters of St. Paul, Mumbai in their ‘Insight Books’ series. The 176-page book is a collection of 30 thought-provoking essays around the theme of Love, Youth & Family.

“I usually write and publish my articles in Gujarati dailies, magazines and other periodicals. But every fortnight I translate one of my Gujarati articles and upload it in my personal web site So the 30 chapters of the book are originally published in Gujarati newspaper columns or in other periodicals,” says the author about his book.
Most of the chapters of the book have been published as articles in weekly newspapers like the Indian Currents, The Herald, and The Examiner.
The beautifully printed book with multi-colour cover is priced at Rs.80/- only. The book is available in all bookshops of the Daughters of St. Paul and of the Society of St. Paul and also with the author’s CISS Office at Ahmedabad with a discount.
The author’s Foreword says,
Teenagers and youth need their parents’ love and guidance more than gifts and money. This need can be fulfilled only through the parents and children spending quality time together. In spending time together they will understand the basic fact about love: that God has loved them first and they should respond to God’s love by loving themselves and each other in and through God.
The family is the source of human love which transmits divine love to each of its members. This book “Love, Youth and Family” deals with every member of a family: father and mother, children and adults, young and old, grandmother and grandfather, and other relatives, but the special emphasis is on love and youth.
The book also treats other topics of interest to the members of a family like justice and social evils. Various chapters of the book deal directly or indirectly with two questions: First, What things constitute a happy family? And second, How to make one’s family really happy?
The chapters of the book are,