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I know from experience that writing editorials call for much labour and responsibility. I don’t wish to show my greatness saying that it is not an easy job. What I mean to say is this. After choosing a topic and after much reflection on it, I needed to consider the policy of DOOT and the attitude and understanding of the readers. It should not be too intellectual as to put away ordinary readers, but both the well-read and the ordinary people find it acceptable and useful.

The editorial articles, selected in this book cover not only religious and Biblical topics but in the socio-religious situation and a wide ranging interests of people are also kept in mind. Merely religious and biblical aspect of life will not do. We need to consider man’s individual, family and social aspects of life.
From Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ’s Introduction

From Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ’s Introduction


  • Personality Development

    1. My Life Principle (મારો જીવનસિદ્ધાંત)
    2. On the Path of Perseverance and Dedication (ખંડની અને નિષ્ઠાને રસ્તે)
    3. It Depends on You (એ તમારા પર આધારિત છે)
    4. Who Will take Decision for Your Religious Life? (તમારા મારે નિર્ણય કોણ કરશે?)

  • Knowing God

    11. You are Insulting God (તમે ઈશ્વરની નિંદા કરો છો?)
    12. The Shape and Idea of God (ભગવાનનું સ્વરૂપ)
    13. Man Like Man (માનવ જેવા માનવ)

  • Articles for Special Occasion

    23. Children also have Rights (બાળકોને પણ હક્કો હોય છે)
    24. My Prayer for New Year (નવા વર્ષની મારી પ્રાર્થના)
    25. The Unique Secret of Mother Mary (માતા મરિયમનું અનોખું રહસ્ય)

  • Religious Life

    5. Vocation or Dismissal (હાકલ કે હકાલપટ્ટી)
    6. Let us Get Out of Prison (કેદખાનામાંથી બહાર નીકળીએ)
    7. Miracle of Resurrection in Your Life (તમારા જીવનમાં પુનરુત્થાનનો ચમત્કાર)

  • New Social Awakening

    14. The Slavish Mentality of Man (માણસનું ગુલામી માનસ)
    15. We are Culprits (અમે ગુનેગાર છીએ)
    16. Why are You Upset? (તમને અફસોસ કેમ થાય છે?)
    17. Exploitation Or Humanness (માનવતા કે શોષણ)
    18. Give Employment to Catholics (કેથલિકોને નોકરીએ રાખો)

  • Religious Culture

    8. Inter-religious Marriage (આંતરધર્મીય લગ્ન)
    9. Happiness of Death (મૃત્યુનો આનંદ)
    10. Lesson of Hospital Bed (દવાખાનામાંથી પથારીમાંનો પાઠ)

  • Leadership

    19. One Who Creates Obstacles is a Leader! (આળ નાખે એ આગેવાન)
    20. Green Flags for Opponents (વિરોધીઓ સામે લીલી ઝંડી)
    21. Gracious Invitation to Opponents (વિરોધીઓને ભાવભીનું આમંત્રણ)
    22. Enjoy Life through Cultivating Art of Dialogue (સંવાદકળા મેળવો અને જીવન માણો)

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, St. Xavier’s Road, Anand 388 001



Language: Gujarati

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