Enlightened Family

Love is the foundation of one and all families. The family built on the foundation of love will flourish with all members loving, trusting and supporting one another. With unconditional love and unfailing trust everyone in a family experience peace and joy in the family. In such an atmosphere of love and trust every member will work and contribute to the well being of everyone the family. In short everyone together build a happy family, an ideal family.

In this book of “Enlightened Family” I have written about things which affect each and every member of a family. I have discussed matters pertaining to from small children to brothers-sisters, husband-wife, mother-father, grandfather-grand mother and up to other relatives living together in a family.

Family is as old as human history and beyond. Still we need to be aware of that there are forces at work to destroy family life. The forces which challenge loving and harmonious family life are also treated in this book. I am sure that my reader will find guidelines and inspiration enriching their family life.

From the Fr. Varghese Paul’s “Forward”


  • 1. Is Your Family Happy? (તમારું કુટુંબ સુખી છે?)
    2. Anxieties of a Girl (એક લગ્નોત્સુક યુવતીની મૂંઝવણ)
    3. Preparations for Married Life (લગ્નજીવનની તૈયારી)
    4. Rules of the Game of Love (પ્રેમની રમતના નિયમો)
    5. One Night with New Couple (યુવાન યુગલ સાથે એક રાત)
    6. Working Wife (નોકરી કરતી પત્ની)
    7. A Step of Courage (એક હિંમતભર્યું પગલું)
    8. Where does our Happiness Lie? (આપણું સુખ શામાં છે?)
    9. Mother is on Sale, Do You Want? (માને વેચવી છે, તમારે જોઈએ?)
    10. Personal Problems of Youth (યુવાનોના અંગત પ્રશ્નો)

  • 11. Is there Human Rights in Your Family? (તમારા ઘરમાં માનવહક્ક આપો)
    12. Sexual Education for Teens (યૌવનના ઉંબરે જાતીય ઘડતર)
    13. Youth Asks: Who am I? (યુવાનો પૂછે છે: ‘હું કોણ છું?’)
    14. When Man Becomes God (માણસ ભગવાન બનશે ત્યારે…)
    15. What, Religiosity is in Danger? (શું ખરી ધાર્મિકતા ખતરામાં છે?)
    16. Message of Death: Today I, Tomorrow You (મૃત્યુનો સંદેશ – આજ હું, કાલ તું)
    17. Parents Praising their Children (બાળકોને ગીરવી મૂકતાં માતા-પિતા)

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


R. R. Sheth & Co., ‘Dwarkesh’, Near Royal Apartments, Khanpur, Ahmedabad 380 001



Language: Gujarati

Price :

T 5૦/-

(January 2005)