From Heart to Heart

In every person’s life heart is the source of love, feeling, peace, cooperation and such other humanist values. In real sense life brings honor to a person doing proper things according to the spirit of his/her heart. Here is an accomplished writer writing thought provoking essays written lucidly with appropriate examples, arguments. The Gujarati language is a unique gift of Fr. Varghese to our gunjer land is also involved in journalism and many creative enterprises. In our time of chaos and absence of values his numerous books are treasures in which the values of heart are nourished with such inspirations to lead a life worthy of human beings.

In this thought provoking books “From Heart To Heart” has 25 essays which explain well values of heart and genuine religion. Those who read the book peacefully with interest will know not only genuine religiosity but also the values of humanity.

In short all the 25 essays nourish the values of heart without being confined within the walls of any one religion.

From the Preface of Philip Clarke


  • 1. Who is No One Enemy of Women? (સ્ત્રીઓનો એક નંબરનો દુશ્મન કોણ?)
    2. Cry of India: Stop this Hunger Death (ભારતનો પોકાર: ભૂખમરો રોકો)
    3. Let us Come to the Aid of Others (બીજાની વહારે થઈએ)
    4. Justice for Everyone Means Peace for Everyone (સૌને માટે ઇન્સાફ એટલે સૌને માટે શાંતિ)
    5. Story of Rationalist Professor (એક બુદ્ધિવાદી પ્રાધ્યાપકની વાત)
    6. Suicide: Solution for Temporary Problem (આત્મહત્યા – હંગામી પ્રશ્નનો કાયમી ઉકેલ છે?)
    7. With Smiling God Jesus (હસતા ભગવાન ઈસુ સાથે હસો)
    8. Christmas and Wisemen (નાતાલ અને જ્યોતિષીઓ)
    9. What is Religion? Is God Exists? (ધર્મ એટલે શું? ભગવાનનું અસ્તિત્વ છે ખરું?)
    10. Uproar about Conversion (ધર્મપરિવર્તનનો ઊહાપોહ)
    11. Joy of Religion (ધર્મનો આનંદ)

  • 12. Where is God on Communal Clash? (કોમી રમખાણોમાં ભગવાન ક્યાં છે?)
    13. The Example of a Donkey (ગધેડાનો નમૂનો)
    14. New Path on New Year (નવા વર્ષે નવો ચીલો પાડીએ)
    15. Are We Guilty of Laziness? (શું આપણે આળસના ગુનેગાર છીએ?)
    16. Valentine Day is Celebration of Love (વેલેન્ટાઇન ડે એટલે પ્રેમની ઉજવણી)
    17. Fragrance of Shri Ramakrishna Vivekanand Service Centre (શ્રી રામકૃષ્ણ-વિવેકાનંદ સેવાકેન્દ્રની મહેક)
    18. Jai Adivasis – Call of Tribal Identity (આદિવાસી અસ્મિતાનું સૂત્ર ‘જય આદિવાસી’)
    19. My Shining Bharat (ચળકાટ મારતો મારો ભારત દેશ)
    20. What All these God’s Doing (શું આ ભગવાનની કરામત છે?!)
    21. Anyone Listening (કોઈ સાંભળે છે?)

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


R. R. Sheth & Co., ‘Dwarkesh’, Near Royal Apartments, Khanpur, Ahmedabad 380 001



Language: Gujarati

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T 5૦/-

(September 2006)