Happiness of Life

When a man is doing some concrete work or achieving some big or small objective he may encounter a lot of obstacles and difficulties. The man who considers such obstacles and difficulties as steps of successes and keeps steady on his path will achieve his goals. The success in overcoming obstacles and difficulties gives real joy of life. Bigger the obstacles and difficulties on the path, proportionately greater his achievements.

In this book “Happiness of Life” many topics are treated dealing with man’s intelligence, his interior life and his spirituality. There are narrations of daily experiences. The chapters in this book point ways to live a happy life amidst interpersonal relationships as well as admit misunderstanding and quarrels. The book aims to uphold human values in all circumstances.

I believe that happiness is the birthright of every person. To enjoy that birthright man needs to cultivate positive attitudes and creative vision. I hope that this book will help the readers to cultivate such positive attitudes and creative vision. In that way they will make their life more and more happy.

From the Fr. Varghese Paul’s “Introduction”


  • 1. A Life Free of Worry (ચિંતામુક્ત જીવન)
    2. Happiness of a Train Journey (ટ્રેનની મુસાફરીનો આનંદ)
    3. Who got ruined: The Leader or the People (કોણ બરબાદ થઈ ગયા: નેતા કે લોક?)
    4. Be Happy Always (સદા આનંદમાં રહો)
    5. Welcome Culture of Life in Family (કુટુંબમાં જીવનસંસ્કૃતિને વધાવો)
    6. Listen to Me with Attention (મને ધ્યાનથી સાંભળો)
    7. Who is the Family Head – Man or Woman? (કુટુંબનો નાથ કોણ – પુરુષ કે સ્ત્રી?)
    8. The Curse of Gutkha (ગુટખાનો અભિશાપ)
    9. Signs of Maturity (પરિપક્વતાનાં લક્ષણો)
    10. Observe and Enjoy Life (નિરીક્ષણ કરો, જીવન માણો)
    11. Creation of Mother (માતાનું સર્જન)

  • 12. You are precious Creation of God (તમે ભગવાનની અનોખી સૃષ્ટિ છો)
    13. Open the Eye of Mercy (દયાની આંખ ખોલો)
    14. The Joy of Satisfaction at Death (વિદાયવેળાએ સંતૃપ્તિનો આનંદ)
    15. Message of Good Friday: Forgive (ગુડ ફ્રાઇડેનો સંદેશ: માફી આપો)
    16. The Experience of Emmaus (એમ્માઊસનો અનુભવ)
    17. Everyone’s Welcome, Everyone’s Choice (સૌની પસંદગી, સૌનો આવકાર)
    18. Stop Conversion (ધર્મપલટો બંધ કરો)
    19. The Power of Prayer (પ્રાર્થનાની શક્તિ)
    20. Goodness and Evil (ભલાઈ અને અત્યાચાર)
    21. The Basic Question of Displaced Labourers (સ્થળાંતરિત મજૂરોના પ્રાણપ્રશ્ન)
    22. Leaflets of Hate and Enmity (ધિક્કાર અને દ્વેષની પત્રિકાઓ)

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


R. R. Sheth & Co., ‘Dwarkesh’, Near Royal Apartments, Khanpur, Ahmedabad 380 001



Language: Gujarati

Price :

T 50/-

(May 2002)