(Jeni Aankhma Ami, Tene Duniya Nami)

Fr Varghese Paul, SJ

“Enjoy Nectar-Delight in Life” is a collection of 25 short essays. All these essays come with some counseling. Father’s essays naturally bring with them some counsel. But there are quite different ways of counseling. These essays are not written continuously at one go. Sometimes an essay is written as a personality profile or as a book review. Sometimes events have led to the writing of the essays. But every essay has a central idea, a unique thought. Nectar-delight of life is a great concern in them. Perusing nectar-delight in life means seeking an abundance of happiness in life. This happiness is the ultimate goal of life. For attaining this ultimate goal of life it is necessary to cultivate genuine human values. The essays of this collection in manifold ways express again and again happiness in emphasizing and promoting human values. The author sees that noble values are trampled upon and he experiences great pain. But as a creative writer the pain here is converted into joy. The painful sadness converts his heart and other hearts clean and tidy.

  • From the PREFACE by Dr. Ratilal Borisagar

The chapters of the book are:

    • Nectar-Delight of Life (Foreword)
    • Thought-Provoking Essays (Preface) by Dr. Ratilal Borisagar
    1. Hard Work and Achievement from Experience
    2. A Counsellor’s Advice to Couple Contemplating Marriage
    3. Happiness comes Searching for You!
    4. Make your Life Happy
    5. Express Gratitude and Enjoy Life
    6. Enjoy the World of Gifts
    7. Smile and Spread Joy
    8. My Choice of Death
    9. Reflection on Auspicious Beginning
    10. Secret of a Successful Youth
    11. World Sight Day
    12. Light of Diwali
    13. My Resolution to Follow my Conscience
  • 14. Time Management
    15. Male Chauhanism
    16. Kerala State Birds: Hornbill
    17. Mother’s Death Brings Happiness
    18. Solution to the Problem between Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law
    19. Is Mercy Killing or Euthanasia Desirable?
    20. Humanity and Humanistic Religion
    21. Pope Francis: Promoter of Humanistic Religion
    22. Ants Among Elephants
    23. How Relevant Gandhiji Today?
    24. Pushpaben Means Service and Nursing Care
    25. Dr Ruth: Mother Teresa of Pakistan

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ,

Publisher :

R R Sheth & Co. Pvt. Ltd., ‘Dwarkesh’, Nr Royal Apartments, Khanpur, Ahmedabad 380 001



Price :

T 10૦/-

Year of Publication 2018.