Life of Symphony

Man needs to bridle his strong greed for money, name and fame. This is needed to be happy and lead a contented life of symphony. When a man’s life is in symphony with himself, with God, with the people and with the whole creation, then he can achieve his much desired and always sought after peace and happiness in life. This situation leads to the ideal of simple living and high thinking.

Here in “Life of Symphony” topics like tension, Inter-religious disharmony and communalism are attractively discussed with inspiring stories, examples and arguments as well as with narration of experiences. Thus attempts are made in this book to make life uplifting and noble.

From the Fr. Varghese Paul’s “Introduction”


  • 1. Life is a Journey (જિંદગી એક મુસાફરી)
    2. A Lesson from Eagle: King of the Birds (પક્ષીરાણી ગરુડનો એક પાઠ)
    3. Forgive Wholeheartedly and Enjoy Life (માફી આપો અને જીવન માણો)
    4. The Squirrel and the Mountain (ખિસકોલી અને પર્વત)
    5. Miraculous Remedy for Envy (અદેખાઈ સામેની જડીબુટ્ટી)
    6. Empowering Women (સ્ત્રીઓનું સશક્તિકરણ)
    7. The Inspiration of Visionaries (દૂરદર્શીઓની પ્રેરણા)
    8. My Boasting Friend (મારા બડાશખોર મિત્ર)
    9. Love and Friendship (પ્રેમ અને મિત્રતા)
    10. Fence Around Heart (હૃદયની વાડાબંધી)

  • 11. The Progress of Religion and Man’s Welfare (ધર્મની પ્રગતિ અને માણસનું કલ્યાણ)
    12. Who Knows and accepts God? (ભગવાનને કોણ ઓળખે ને સ્વીકારે?)
    13. Where Does Communalism Lead us? (કોમવાદ આપણને ક્યાં લઈ જશે?)
    14. Say with Love that We are Good People (પ્રેમથી કહો કે આપણે ઇન્સાન છીએ)
    15. “What Does Mean by Forgiveness?” (“માફી આપવી એટલે શું?”)
    16. Search for Unity and Enjoy Peace (એકતા શોધો અને શાંતિ માણો)
    17. In Search of Secularism (બિનસાંપ્રદાયિકતાની શોધમાં)
    18. The Lesson from Daily Life (રોજના અનુભવમાંથી મળતો બોધપાઠ)
    19. When Does a Man Become a Criminal? (કોઈ માણસ ક્યારે ગુનેગાર બને છે?)
    20. Is there Need to Defend Oneself against Criticism? (ટીકા સામે બચાવ કરવાની જરૂર ખરી?)

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


R. R. Sheth & Co., ‘Dwarkesh’, Near Royal Apartments, Khanpur, Ahmedabad 380 001



Language: Gujarati

Price :

T 50/-

(April 2003)