New Life, New Mission

This book “New Life, New Mission” points to ways and means to new life and new vision to those people who are dissatisfied with the present life and are looking for change. The new ways are inspired by enlightened faith and are different tension-free ways of achievement.

From the first chapter “Miraculous Herb for Happiness” to the last chapters “Well Known Scholar of Ramayana” there are a total of 22 chapters. They speak about overcoming ignorance and misunderstanding and about taking positive steps to know our Muslim brother instead of driving them to ghettos and isolation.

These are ways to look for a fresh new attitudes and values on special occasion like New Year, Diwali, Christmas, Friendship Day, etc. The author speaks also about smiling Jesus, cultivating spiritual views of life as well as about child-protection and fighting against abortion. In everything Fr. Varghese upholds and cherishes life with new insight and new vision.

– Extracts from the Preface by Dr. Drushti Patel


  • 1. Miraculous Herb for Happiness (સુખસંતોષની જડીબુટ્ટી)
    2. Keep Away from Bribery and Be Trustworthy (પ્રામાણિક બનીને ભ્રષ્ટાચારથી દૂર રહીએ)
    3. Celebration of Friendship Day (મૈત્રીદિનની ઉજવણી)
    4. What a Noble Friend! (કેવો ઉમદા મિત્ર!)
    5. Intoxication of Power (અધિકારનો કેફ)
    6. Secret Murders in our Society (સમાજના છૂપા હત્યારાઓ)
    7. Forced Rape in the Name of Marriage (લગ્નને નામે બળાત્કાર)
    8. Knowledge of God (ભગવાનનું જ્ઞાન)
    9. My Life Journey (મારી જીવન સફર)
    10. Secretly Smiling Jesus (મૂછમાં હસતા ઈસુ)
    11. Greatest Gift for Your Child (બાળક માટેની સર્વશ્રેષ્ઠ ભેટ)

  • 12. Waiting to Happen: Danger for Children (બાળકો માટે ઝઝૂમતો ભય)
    13. Sign of Salvation: Cross (તારણનું નિશાન ક્રોસ)
    14. Glory to Good Friday (ગુડ ફ્રાઇડેનો મહિમા)
    15. Understand Easter, Feast of Resurrection (ઈસ્ટર કે પાસ્ખા પર્વ સમજો)
    16. Importance of Diwali (દિવાળીનું મહત્વ)
    17. New Year: New Attitude and Vision (નવું વર્ષ, નવી મનોવૃત્તિ)
    18. Who are These Jesuits, Society of Jesus? (આ જેસ્યુઈટ કે ઇસુસંઘીઓ કોણ છે?)
    19. Let us Cultivate Acquaintance with Muslims (મુસ્લિમોની ઓળખ કેળવીએ)
    20. Writer’s Relationship with Society (લેખકનો સમાજ સાથેનો નાતો)
    21. Real Gujarat and My Path of Literature (મારી શબ્દયાત્રા અને ‘વાંચે ગુજરાત’)
    22. Well-known Scholar of Ramayana: Fr. Camil Bulke (રામાયણના જાણીતા પંડિત : ફાધર બુલ્કે)

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


Rannade Prakashan, 58/2, Second Floor, Opp. Jain Derasar, Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad 380 001



Language: Gujarati

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T 15૦/-