Sweet Life

Knowing to Live a Full Life

Wise men, holy monks and philosophies have spoken and written much about sweet and harmonious life. Roman philosopher of first century has said about life: “As long as you live, learn the art of living”. That is to say, A sweet life consists in the art of learning to live a full life all through one’s life.

In the world of spirituality there is a very famous book: The Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Through the Spiritual Exercises, based completely on the Bible, St. Ignatius shows the way to live and enjoy a full life, a sweet life. On the way a man/woman can help others and himself/herself to achieve salvation.

In the poems of Gitanjali, the famous poet Tagore has portrayed Death as the final goal of life. If the final goal is death, then the whole life of a person, that is his/her values, attitudes, orientation, in short everything should be directed to death.

Nourishing and cherishing such thoughts and attitudes as well as the experiences of life of mine and others have been kept in mind in writing these essays in this book. The book is meant to help a person to cultivate equanimity towards life’s offerings of joy and pain, happiness and suffering and enjoy a Sweet Life.


  • 1. A Life of Success Becons You (જિંદગીની સફળતા તમને હાંક મારે છે)
    2. Take an Oath of Conserving Environment (પર્યાવરણ જાળવણીનાં શપથ લો)
    3. Single Life One’s Whole Life (જીવનભરનું કુંવારું જીવન)
    4. The Sins Committed on Public Roads (જાહેર માર્ગ પરનાં પાપ)
    5. Ten Commandments for Drivers (ડ્રાઈવરો માટેની દસ આજ્ઞા)
    6. Is it Achievement or Shame for the Country (દેશની સિદ્ધિ કે શરમ)
    7. Mortal Attraction of Da Vinci code (‘ધ દ વિન્ચી કોડ’નું ઘાતકી આકર્ષણ)
    8. International Friendship Day (આંતરરાષ્ટ્રીય મિત્રતા દિન)
    9. Religion Based on Love (પ્રેમના પાયા પર સ્થપાયેલો ધર્મ)
    10. Is it Lack of Ability & Talent or Lack of Jobs? (લાયકાતની ઊણપ કે નોકરીની અછત)

  • 11. Give Up Anger and Opposition (ગુસ્સો અને વિરોધ છોડો)
    12. The Question of Living Together (સહઅસ્તિત્વનો પ્રશ્ન)
    13. Morality & Euthanasia (‘એઉત્તનેસિયા’ અને નીત્તિમત્તા)
    14. Why do Marriages Fail? (લગ્નો કેમ નિષ્ફળ જાય છે?)
    15. The Secret of Christmas (નાતાલનું હાર્દ)
    16. Good Friday & The Cross (ગુડ ફ્રાઇડે અને ક્રોસ)
    17. Two Concrete Steps on New Year (નવા વર્ષે લેવાનાં બે ચોક્કસ પગલાં)
    18. Chapels Thrown into Temple from Mosque (મસ્જિદથી ગણપતિ મંદિરમાં ફેંકાયેલા ચંપલ)
    19. Islam – A Religion of Peace (શાંતિનો ધર્મ ઇસ્લામ)
    20. Trinity of The Believers in One God (એકેશ્વરવાદીઓનો ત્રિવેણી સંગમ)

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


R. R. Sheth & Co., ‘Dwarkesh’, Near Royal Apartments, Khanpur, Ahmedabad 380 001



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