Tears of Blood

This book is collection of six short stories. Once you start reading this small book, you would not like to put it down until you have finished reading it. Even after reading, the sentiments expressed in the stories linger in your mind for many days. We hardly have seen these types of short stories in our (Gujarati) language. For, our short story writers hardly go out of their environment to the whole wide world. The writer has given the ‘genesis’ of these short stories in the introductory comments in his Foreword “Social Changes Through Short Stories”. After all, the culture in the mind of a sensitive writer usually becomes the source in creating short stories. Here the humanness in the author is seen alive. So, tender sentiments shared in these short stories awake sensitive feelings in the readers.

Extract from the PREFACE of Dr. Keshubhai Desai


  • 1. “Girl, Are You Mad?” (“ગાંડી છે તું?”)
    2. Tears of Blood (લોહીનાં આંસુ)
    3. Heaven is There! (ત્યાં સ્વર્ગ છે!)
    4. The Battlefield of Holidays (રજાનું રણક્ષેત્ર)
    5. Tears (નેત્રાંબુ)
    6. Truth Will Win (સત્યમેવ જયતે)

  • 13. Gift of Christmas (નાતાલની ભેટ)
    14. The Weight of Worry & Mental Pain (મનદુઃખ અને ચિંતાનો બોજો)
    15. Experience of a Repairing (એક સમારકામનો અનુભવ)
    16. Sisters, Awake, Break the Chain (બહેનો, ઊઠો, જાગો! બંધનો તોડી નાખો)
    17. Listen With Heart (હૃદયથી સાંભળો)
    18. Are You Optimist or Pessimist? (તમે આશાવાદી છો કે નિરાશાવાદી?)
    19. Fear Only God (“ઈશ્વરનો જ ડર રાખજો”)
    20. Steps of Progress (પ્રગતિના સોપાને)
    21. Global Competition or Cultivation of Mutual Help? (વૈશ્વિકરણની સ્પર્ધા કે સાથસહકારનાં મૂલ્યોનું જતન)

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


Rannade Prakashan, 58/2, Second Floor, Opp. Jain Derasar, Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad 380 001



Language: Gujarati

Price :

T 85/-