The Design of Religion on Life Like Patola Saree

“The Progress of Catholic Community”
The word ‘Editor’ says that a person is both an editor and a writer. He has vision. He has wisdom. And as a writer he has mastery of language and style. As a keen observer of life he has insight and is aware of his responsibilities.

Fr. Varghese has both vision and wisdom. So he can write authoritatively. On the one side he is professionally trained in journalism and on the other side having lived in Gujarat he has gained qualification to be the editor as he has cultivated intimacy with the people of Gujarat.

Gujarati Ctholic community has made tremendous progress during the past few years. With this progress a lot problems have arisen. The Editor of DOOT treats these problems clearly and fearlessly in his editorials in the first page of DOOT. If you wish to know the life of modern Catholics, you will find invaluable information in his editorials. Studying these editorials interested men and women can find directions in making progress in the field of religion and personal life.

From the Fr. Carlos Valles “Forward”


  • Social Issues

    1. Man – A Broken Machine
    2. Let us Love People not Things
    3. Don’t Murder my Friend

  • Awakening Women Power

    11. Injustice to Women by God
    12. Ladies, Unite
    13. Daughter and Cow
    14. Wife is Not for Beating

  • Prayer

    21. Response to Charismatic Prayer
    22. Choice is Yours
    23. God, The Father
    24. My Failed Prayer

  • Rebuilding Community

    4. Did You do Anything Good to someone Today?
    5. Who is Father and Who is Son?
    6. Home, Only Home

  • Contribution of the Faithful

    15. Receive Power Walking on the Path of Power
    16. Family – A Little Church
    17. Establish Parish Councils
    18. Vatican Council II and the Church in Gujarat

  • Educational Policy

    25. The Problems of New Collegians
    26. Give Admission to Catholic in Catholic Institution
    27. The Policy of Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Spirituality

    7. Nobody Cares for Me!
    8. The Happiness in Suffering
    9. Face to Face Confession
    10. The Punishment of God

  • Call to Youth

    19. What is in a Name?
    20. The Challenge of Young Men and Women

  • Articles for Special Occasion

    ૨૮. My Resolution for the New Year
    ૨૯. The Christmas Message for Me
    ૩૦. 1987 International Year of Mother Mary
    ૩૧. Time is Passing Fast

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, St. Xavier’s Road, Anand 388 001



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