What Does Jesus Mean to You & Me?

Jesus has been the source of inspiration and moving inner strength for billions of people in history. Jesus still continues to be eternal inspiration and strength for people, Christians as well as other people of different faiths, more than anyone else in the whole world.

In this book ‘Jesus as seen by you and me’ I wish to share with you my personal experiences of Jesus. I have also shared a few other peoples’ views and experiences of Jesus. Hence the name ‘Jesus as seen by you and me’. Innumerable people have written about Jesus. But here I present only a few people’s views about Jesus as I want to limit this writing to a small pocket size booklet.

The chapters of the book are:

  • 1. One Solitary Life
    2. My Experiences of Jesus
    3. Jesus as Seen by Swami Anand
    4. ‘What Jesus Means to Me’ by Gandhiji
    5. Jesus as Seen by Vinoba Bhave
    6. Jesus Christ – An Asian
    7. Jesus as Seen by Writers
    8. Jesus the Personification of God

  • 9. Jesus’ Message of Love & Forgiveness
    10. The Belief in Life after Death
    11. The Message of Service
    12. Jesus and the Cross
    13. The Example of St. Lawrence
    14. Jesus’ Resurrection
    15. Jesus as Seen by Mother Teresa
    16. What Does Jesus Mean to You?

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ,

Publisher :

Catholic Information Service Society, Ameebela Building, Near Sanman Hotel, Up Income Tax Underbridge, Ahmedabad 380 014, Gujarat



Price :

T 25/-

Year of Publication 2013 & 2014..

Book Review:

“I read ‘ISU MARI-TAMARI NAJARE’ (Jesus as Seen by You & Me) in one night. I liked it so much that I wanted to telephone you at about 12.30 in the night. But somehow I stopped dialing halfway, with the thought that I shouldn’t disturb you at this hour. I found it extremely well-written, so lucid in style, so nice in diction, and very enriched with fresh content. I am an atheist, I like Christ and Buddha for their humane qualities – namely love, compassion, forgiveness, nonviolence and tolerance. I am happy that the little book has example of many writers and leaders. You have done a wonderful job, Father. For you have made Christ – the greatest humanitarian – most loveable. I wonder how a Keralite priest whose mother tongue Malayalam has little to do with Gujarati can write in such flawless chaste Gujarati!

- Dr. Neerav Patel (Poet), Ahmedabad (by e-mail)

“I woke up this morning with a strong desire to read the Bible. Then, I saw your booklet (What Does Jesus Mean to You & Me?) on my nightstand and felt like going back to the last pages. I just want to thank you once again for this gift… Today I have been blessed with your words that refresh my faith with the meaning of Jesus’ Resurrection. The first three paragraphs on page 37 are speaking to me. I thank God for His loving presence.”

- Gisel Peter Chang, Panama (by e-mail)