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The Vision & World of Journalists

What is journalism? The word journalism means many things. It calls for facility to write well at least in one language. A journalist should be able to write well in simple style to convey his/her ideas and facts that the readers can easily understand. A journalist should have insight into things to be written about. He/she should have the ability to understand and communicate a fact or situation to his/her reader.

All these things are covered in writing this book. This book is also the result of many years of my experiences as a writer, editor, columnist, reporter and translator apart from my professional training in journalism.

Then, this book is also enhanced by my experiences of conducting workshops and seminars in news reporting and creative writing all our India and abroad for a number of years.

So I hope that this book will serve as a guide not only to the students of journalism and also one and all who wish to improve their skills and talents in news reporting editing and creative writing.


  • 1. Auspicious Beginning of Journalism (પત્રકારત્વનું મંગલાચરણ)
    2. Letter to Editor – A Royal Path to Writing (તંત્રી પરનો પત્ર એટલે લેખનનો રાજમાર્ગ)
    3. Ten Commandments for Beginners in Writing (નવોદિત લેખકો માટે દસ આજ્ઞાઓ)
    4. A Complete News Story (એક સંપૂર્ણ સમાચાર)
    5. Responsibility of Journalist in Murderous Communal Conflict (હિંસક સંઘર્ષમાં પત્રકારનો ધર્મ)
    6. Art of Polishing Article (લેખને મઠારવાની કલા)
    7. Blessed Are the Journalists (પરમસુખી પત્રકાર)
    8. Art of Best Translation (શ્રેષ્ઠ અનુવાદની કલા)
    9. Translation: Principle and Training (અનુવાદના સિદ્ધાંતો અને તાલીમ)
    10. An Essay on Essay (નિબંધનો નિબંધ)
    11. Your First Long Article (તમારો પ્રથમ લાંબો લેખ)

  • 12. Is Writing Profitable? (લખવાનો કોઈ ફાયદો ખરો?)
    13. The World of Internet and Websites (ઇન્ટરનેટ અને સાયબરની દુનિયા)
    14. Education & Reading Habit (શિક્ષણ અને વાંચવાની ટેવ)
    15. The Principle of Book Review (પુસ્તક અવલોકનનાં સિદ્ધાંતો)
    16. Feature Articles in Newspapers (અખબારી લેખ (ફીચર))
    17. What should be done to Publish my Book? (પુસ્તક પ્રકાશિત કરવા માટે શું કરવું?)
    18. Development Oriental Journalism (વિકસોન્મુખ પત્રકારત્વ)
    19. Journalism & Morality (પત્રકારત્વ અને નીત્તિમત્તા)
    20. Creative articles for Magazines (સામયિક માટેનું સર્જનાત્મક લખાણ)
    21. Principles for Effective Writing (અસરકારક લખાણના સિદ્ધાંતો)

Author :

Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.


Rannade Prakashan, 58/2, Second Floor, Opp. Jain Derasar, Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad 380 001



Language: Gujarati

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