1. First Prize : “The New Leader”, National Essay Competition 1973 Essay Name :
2. First Prize : “The New Leader”, National Essay Competition 1974 Essay Name :

Firs Prize :

Gira Gurjari First Prize for “Premni Sanskruti” book in the Category of literary essays from Kala Trust, Mumbai, 2002.

Geneva, 25 June 2001

Dear Fr. Varghese Paul,

Greetings from Geneva! We are happy to inform you that you have won the international Award for Solidarity with Refugees.  Congratulations!

The award will be conferred upon you at the world congress on “Media and the Challenges of Globalisation-Emerging Responsibilites of journalists” to be held in fribourg, Switzweland from 16 to 23 September 2001. You will find all updated information at


Honorary Membership Award to Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ

Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ has been awarded Honorary Member status in International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP) in a glittering Award Function, held in SIAO Hotel at Ouagadougou on September 16, 2010. The Solemn Award function was held on the occasion of 23rd World Congress of the UCIP. The Membership citation says that “Varghese Paul SJ, India has been made Member of Honour by the General Assembly held at Moscow, Russia on June 23, 2006  for active presence in the world union, for organization and participation in  its activities world wide, for continuous and inspiriting initiatives for the well-begin of journalist and other media professionals worldwide.”

Fr. Varghese Paul joined UCIP 1979 as then Executive Director and Chief Editor of South Asian Religious UCIP World Congress at Rome in 1980. In the Congress Fr. Paul was elected a Council Member of UCIP. Ever since Fr. Paul has been UCIP Council Member for 24 Years and has attended 10 UCIP World Congresses held in various parts of the world.

Membership of Honour was also bestowed on the Former President of UCIP, Ismar de Oliveira Soares of Brazil and a long time associate of UCIP, Mrs. Kazembe Joyce Laetitia of Zimbabwe during the special Award Funtion.

(The Examiner, Mumbai, September 25, 2010)

અસ્મિતા અભિવર્ધક સાહિત્ય અભિયાન (AASA) સાહિત્યકારોના હિતાર્થે
સ્થપાયેલી સંસ્થા, નડિયાદ તરફથી ફાધર વર્ગીસ પોલ, એસ.જે.ને ગુજરાતી
સાહિત્યમાં આપે કરેલાં શ્રેષ્ઠતમ સર્જનો બદલ તેમ જ આપની બહુમૂલ્ય સેવાઓની
કદરરૂપે સાક્ષર શ્રી ગોવર્ધનરામ ત્રિપાઠી “સાહિત્ય રત્ન” એવોર્ડ આપશ્રીને
એનાયત કરતાં અમે ગૌરવ અનુભવીએ છીએ.
એસ. કે. અમીન, પ્રમુખ
ડૉ. સુરેન્દ્ર આસ્થાવાદી, અધ્યક્ષ
નરેન્દ્રકુમાર પરમાર, મંત્રી